Waffle Sugar Cone


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About Waffle Sugar Cone

The evenly balanced hybrid known as Sugar Cone was created from two sweet favorites, Gelato 45 and Cookies N’ Cream. The Sugar Cone strain flavors, mixed with sweet nuts and citrus, can be enjoyed by users of any experience level. Laid-back activities pair well with Sugar Cone, such as a relieving afternoon hanging out with friends with an easy mind or an intimate evening with someone special. Growing the strain is difficult but using it couldn’t be easier.


The Sugar Cone strain’s flowers are a multicolored rainbow, with orange, purple, white, and green mixed about equally. The texture of the strain comes from its plentiful trichomes coating its outrageously dense, large nugs.

The strain does not produce a typical stony, sedated high. It makes its users relaxed, creative, hungry, euphoric, and full of bliss. By trading their pain for a boost of energy, they can use Sugar Cone to find a sense of mental easiness that pairs well with hanging out with friends.

Taste & Aroma

The strain’s taste lives up to its name. Other than the tones of citrus that you likely wouldn’t see in vanilla ice cream, the sugary nuttiness of the Sugar Cone strain is as creamy-sweet as you’d expect. As you begin smoking, it produces an effect of lifting, cerebral energy. You can feel it in your skull, behind your eyes, and you’ll begin to feel your focus coming back.


As a result, Sugar Cone is a perfect snack for people who suffer from stress-related migraines and headaches, chronic stress, fatigue, pain, or ADHD. These grape-like, dense, mint-green buds provide the clarity and focus that accentuates the best parts of a euphoric, heady rush, without causing unwanted side effects like dazed feelings or a sedated mind.


Waffle Sugar Cone

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