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About Gelato Mintz

Gelato Mintz is a sativa-dominant strain (70/30) bred by crossing Animal Mintz with Gelato #33 by the breeder Anesia Seeds. Its flavor is sweeter than sweet, like putting your favorite childhood sugary treats in your mouth and lighting them on fire. Its THC levels are sky-high, at least 33% on the high end. Continue reading to learn about the purplish buds of these amazing chunky flowers and what you can expect from them. Gelato Mint came in with some major bag appeal. The first thing I noticed after popping open the tuna-style container (which was a first for me and a first for the SQDC) was how shiny the weed was. You can see the little trichome diamonds glowing under LED lights—this is usually a good sign.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor

I would put this cultivar under the “sexy buds” category. Light green with navy and purple calyxes, completely covered in a thick trichome sheet, with some dark orange pistils.

Size-wise, there were four medium nugs and a couple of small ones.
I would put this in the “air freshener” category as in let’s go and make an air freshener out of this terpene profile!
There is just so much freshness that jumps out of this little container, and it comes in waves. I got a strong minty, lemony smell at first that’s heavily accented by this fresh and sweet green apple-like scent.
When it comes to taste, you get all the goodness that the aroma has to offer but on a smaller scale. I got the fresh herbal/minty flavor on the inhale, with some sweet lemony notes on the exhale and the aftertaste.

Effects Of Gelato Mintz

This Gelato Mint Pheno #5 is what I would consider a slapper. The ‘high” it emits is sharp, strong, and instantaneous. Both cerebral and physical, the effects creep up throughout the entire body pretty quickly and leave you in a fuzzy but relaxing state of mind, I was quite content with not doing anything too productive after smoking this.
Gelato Mintz

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